Edgelit and Backlit Signs

Sophisticated signage that make messages “pop”

One of the brightest ideas in illuminated signage from Image360Houston-Spring, edgelit signs are panels of acrylic that are laser cut to size, etched with a message name and/or logo, and then illuminated from the edge. The engraved areas in edgelit signs light up or “pop” while the remainder of the sign stays dark, creating an illusion of floating letters or images – and adding impact to whatever you’d like to visually communicate.

Many use edgelit sign technology from Image360 Houston-Spring for point-of-purchase displays, lobby exhibits and even exit signs, while others employ edgelit signage for exterior use.

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Houston Area Bank Reverse Lit Channel Letters Building
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Edgelit and Backlit Signs
Edgelit and Backlit Signs
Edgelit and Backlit Signs
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Edgelit and Backlit Signs
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